Breaking Nails News!

One argument Beef will never win is Why don’t you just do your nails yourself? I don’t think I even need to break down the reasons why– because it’s probable there’s an old episode of King of Queens or Yes, Dear that most likely covers them for me.

However, I recently won a bottle of FACE Stockholm nail polish at a baby shower by correctly identifying photos of celebrity babies (the only one I missed was Bingham Bellamy).

This is the best nail polish I’ve ever used. It goes on smoothly, coats evenly, and saved me from Beef looking at my homemade manicure and saying Oh, THAT’S why. So sorry, Essie and OPI, I’m a changed woman.

FACE Stockholm has a line out now at J. Crew. I’m loving Cardinal Rule. Orange nails for spring, y’all. Don’t forget to spring ahead this weekend!

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