Posey’s Favorite Things

Here are the best things she’s stuck in her mouth so far this week:

Sophie Giraffe Vanilla Teether

I can’t vouch for the vanilla-ish of it, but I think she likes the textures. Plus, it’s small enough that she can hold it herself. Plus, she likes to show off to her best friends, the cat hair-dust bunnies on our floor, that she has a fancy French thing. Ooh-la-la!

Little Yellow Chick’s Little Crinkle

I never thought seeing how hard you can smash a crinkly square against your face (intentionally covering your mouth and nose breathing holes) could be a competitive sport, but it is!


DwellStudio Soft Baby Blocks 

For a fun game, try whipping these at your baby’s head. If your baby is anything like mine, it will provide your family with minutes upon minutes of laughter & delight!

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