I Wish I Had a Garage

I need some advice on a situation:

It was raining pretty steadily this morning when it was time to leave the house. I had the following to carry:

  1. A baby
  2. A car seat
  3. A laptop
  4. A UPS package
  5. My purse
  6. Snacks for the car.

Since someone else was over at the time, I left the baby in the house– so I could pull up right in front and avoid getting her wet.

Thoughtful, right?

I left the car in front with my hazards on. In the ninety seconds it took me to get her and come back out, a meter maid had spotted my car (double parked) and written me a ticket. For $100.

I have never seen anyone writing tickets in my neighborhood. Especially when people without permits use up the spots on my permit-only street. Exasperated, I yelled over to the woman, “Really? I didn’t want to get A BABY wet.” I’m pretty used to a baby getting me out of things. It came in handy after the “I’m pregnant” excuse was used up. She just shrugged her shoulders and told me I should have parked in the spot that was right there, in front of the house. But I HAD tried that space, and it was too small. I wasn’t even blocking traffic, because there’s another lane.

Yes, I was double parked. For less than two minutes. To keep a baby warm.

Should I contest it? On what grounds?

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