Posey’s Packing List

Beef still talks about the fact that (many years ago) Notre Dame sent the incoming freshman a suggested packing list of items they might need for college life.  I think he misses a time when you could check “one blue blazer” off the list and feel prepared for the next phase of life.

Our next life-phase is traveling with our baby.  We feel nervous, apprehensive, excited and scared of hazing.  Kind of like college.  So I prepared a packing list. What are we missing? Please let me know!

  • Car seat/base
  • Snap and Go
  • short sleeve onesies
  • long sleeve onesies
  • hoodie
  • sweater
  • jeans
  • leggings
  • shorts
  • socks
  • owl shoes
  • sleep sack
  • hats
  • playsuits
  • blankets
  • pacifiers
  • diapers (reg/nighttime)
  • wipes
  • boogie wipes
  • bibs
  • burp cloths
  • toys/books
  • portable mobile that plays the song she likes
  • powdered formula / liquid for plane
  • oatmeal
  • bottles
  • bottle sterilizing bag
  • spoon
  • nail clippers
  • portable monitor
  • lotion
  • body wash/shampoo
  • Desitin
  • Aquaphor lotion
  • washcloth/hooded towel
  • hairbrush
  • thermometer
  • Mickey’s Clubhouse dvd for potential airplane freakout

3 thoughts on “Posey’s Packing List

  1. We just got home from vacation and I was very happy to have brought Lucia’s sound machine. It really helped with naps and bedtime, drowning out unfamiliar sounds in close quarters. (I have an app that also works great and is obviously more easily portable.) Have fun!

  2. Owl shoes? I think I might want those. We always took the pnp with us when we traveled. Its something she was familiar with and made bedtime easier. Of course the downside is dealing with it on the airplane. We didn’t bring a stroller with us, we used a Baby Hawk instead, especially at less than a year old.

  3. Jessica, we brought her musical mobile, and the one night we didn’t have it with us– she didn’t go to sleep! Amy, what’s a Baby Hawk? I’m not familiar…

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