She must be really, really thirsty.

TMZ posted this photo of Uma Thurman out getting juice ONE DAY after giving birth:

How is she even out of the hospital already? The day after I gave birth, Beef picked us up a pizza from Gino’s East, and we ate it IN THE HOSPITAL.  Like normal people.

Posey’s first outing was a walk to Starbuck’s when she was over three weeks old.

When was the first time you took your new bundle out and about? Do you think one day old is too young?

2 thoughts on “She must be really, really thirsty.

  1. Other than going to our parents house, we never took our daughter anywhere until she was a month old. I do think 1 day old is too young to go out in public like that. I worry they are too young to fight off sick germs. I didn’t leave the hospital until day 2. I sure as heck wasn’t up for walking anywhere. I couldn’t even sit without my donut.

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