It’s Come to This

Thud. “Waahhhhh…..”


Despite my best efforts to create a safe, cushy, soft Life Arena for Posey, she manages to bang her head over and over again on any hard surface she can find when we let her play on the floor– even inside her playpen with foam floory-puzzle piece thingies. I find myself left with two options:

  1. Move her into a padded cell.
  2. Get her a helmet.

Neither choice is ideal, but Beef and I have decided on the latter.  Really? Yes, really. And guess what? They actually make helmets for babies who have a tendency to bonk their noggins. Here’s three I found:

  • Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet

OMG, it has ears! But it’s also $42.95, which seems a bit steep for something she may not tolerate. Available in lilac and blue at

  • No-Shock Baby & Toddler Safety Helmet

Well this one has a bit of a Sherlock Holmes thing going on, doesn’t it? And it’s made in Italy! For $49.95, it’s also kind of an investment. Plus, it’s a bit too masculine for Posey’s taste. If it floats your boat, you can get it here.

  • Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet Toddler Head Cushion

And now for the SUPER-nerdy one, which means it’s the one we bought. More of a head pillow than a helmet, I guess. But for $11.95, we can afford the luxury of humiliating her. You can buy it here if you want your baby to be twinsies with Po– and I’ll keep you posted once it arrives.

3 thoughts on “It’s Come to This

  1. We got the bumper bonnet too because our almost 1-year old son Andre fell off the bed onto the hardwood floor like 5 times (despite our best efforts). Works well, although he tries to take it off whenever he has a chance. Hope it works for you!

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