Cool Mom Alert! Michelle Obama’s Blue Nails

UPDATE: The color is Artistic Nail Design’s Colour Gloss Soak-Off Gel in “Vogue.”  Gel polish is what’s referred to as a “no-chip manicure.” 

Yes, Michelle Obama’s DNC speech lit up our Facebook news feeds like a Lite-Brite, but I’m giving Mama Obama my newly-invented Cool Mom Award for… Her nail polish color!

Is that blue? Grey? Whatever it is, it’s amazing. I’m never wearing boring old Mademoiselle ever again. I found info on how to get the look here.

(Thanks, Chels!)

1 thought on “Cool Mom Alert! Michelle Obama’s Blue Nails

  1. Looked blue some angles – looked gray other angles – remember too from the front she was in extremely strong white lighting and the wall behind her was flooded in blue lighting – in the intro speaker before Ms Obama, the stage was shown in the red/white flag backing. The blue wall behind Ms Obama helps make her dress pull more magenta. I think the idea was to match close to the bottom of her dress that appeared gray/blue but again hard to tell with the lighting. Hopefully they have some statement to what the polish shade was out of the First’s Lady’s office soon. I had a guess it might be China Glaze Elephant Walk.

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