How to Store a Puzzle

Last weekend, I left Posey home alone with her dad while I jetted off to Moose Pass, Alaska for a family wedding. Things went better than my last vacation without her— except for one small snafu:

She ate a jigsaw puzzle piece. Can you spot the hole?

To be fair, she gummed it up beyond recognition, and Beef dug it out of her mouth in time. This is the second time this has happened since my husband declared himself a Master Puzzler. Today, I freaked out about it in therapy, and lo and behold… my therapist is a fellow Master Puzzler.  Her smart suggestion?

The Ravensburger Puzzle Store, available here!

Store all your pieces, even if they’re sorted, and you can put it all away if people are coming over and you want to keep your puzzling habit a secret.  Just what the doctor ordered. Look how happy this lady is, confident her baby won’t eat any stray pieces:

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