Vote for Beef’s Band!


For those of you who read regularly, you know that Beef is my husband.  He’s also the lead singer and guitarist of a cool band called Cassettes on Tape.  They’re in the running to be named Best Emerging Chicago Artists of 2012, so if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, please visit the voting site and click on the “VOTE HERE” (that’s really hard to find on the page– it’s above the list of nominated bands on the right side of the page.)

Thank you!

My Name Is Posey, and I’m a Baby

For a few weeks now, Beef’s been singing I just met you/ And this is crazy/ My name is Posey/ And I’m a baby….

Seems we weren’t the only ones changing the words to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe.”  Pose and I can’t get enough of Cookie Monster this morning!

A for Effort.

Posey and I take a class once a week at The Old Town School of Folk. 

But really, when you’re four months old, what are you really getting out of it? We sing songs babies can’t sing. We do dances babies can’t dance. What this class is really about are these three things:

A) Moms want to get out of the house.

B) Moms want to feel like their time off is meaningful and enriching their children.

C) Moms want to compare themselves and their children to each other.

I think as long as everyone admits this, we’ll be ok. Aside from learning how to jiggle like a little sack of sugar, this week I learned that my daughter was the only one lying there like a lump.

Still love her, though.