From Jessica Wakefield… to Jess Day.


Hot off the presses! My latest for the Huffington Post. Celebrating 15 years of wanting to be someone elses–           That aren’t even real people.


Congrats to the team at New Girl on the news they’re renewed for Season 2– and tune in tonight for an all new episode of 2 Broke Girls!

Milestone of the Week: Week 18

Every week, I get an automatic email telling me what my baby should and might be able to do at each week of development. I find it a little unfair that no one is measuring my own little baby steps, so I think it’s only right and good and fair to do it here.

My baby is 18 weeks old.

At 18 weeks, I MIGHT be able to: Not feel guilty that flossing my teeth for two whole minutes is selfish and indulgent.

At 18 weeks, I SHOULD be able to: No longer use the post-natal hormone level fluctuation excuse to rationalize to myself why I actually get a spring in my step on days that 2 Broke Girls is on.

Now your turn! What can you mighta-shoulda?