Vegan Parent Alert: Bill Clinton

Um… I may have to give veganism another try.

Whether you agree with his politics or not, Bill Clinton had fire– and no animals— in his belly tonight during his DNC speech.  My mom always says, “But where do you get your proooooteeeein?”

This guy has more energy than anyone. Ever. And I could use some of that.


Cool Mom Alert! Michelle Obama’s Blue Nails

UPDATE: The color is Artistic Nail Design’s Colour Gloss Soak-Off Gel in “Vogue.”  Gel polish is what’s referred to as a “no-chip manicure.” 

Yes, Michelle Obama’s DNC speech lit up our Facebook news feeds like a Lite-Brite, but I’m giving Mama Obama my newly-invented Cool Mom Award for… Her nail polish color!

Is that blue? Grey? Whatever it is, it’s amazing. I’m never wearing boring old Mademoiselle ever again. I found info on how to get the look here.

(Thanks, Chels!)