The Right Thing

Whilst on a walk this morning, I lost my phone (again). ┬áSomeone nice found it on the street (again). When I thanked him for being so kind, he responded, “Every day, we have a choice to do the right thing.”

Yes, Daniel Who Works at Japonais, yes we do.



I Don’t Know You, But I Love You.

You know that Google+ commercial where the dad loses his phone with all his baby pictures on it?

Last night, that happened to me.

I was in the street– searching desperately– as the Lost Phone Panic started to wash over me, when I heard a woman’s voice.

“Did you lose a phone?”


“I found it. Right there, under the tire. I tried to call your parents, but they didn’t answer. So I dropped it off at the Sprint Store. There were a lot of baby pictures on it, and your dad sent you a lot of texts– something about ‘pie?'”

I’d never met her before. She was there in the street unloading her groceries at the exact same moment I was out looking. She drove my phone to a Sprint Store. She saved my Posey Pictures.

This afternoon, I dropped off some flowers at the building I’m 95% sure is hers. I hope she got them. It’s so wonderful to know that there are people out there whose first instinct is to help out a stranger.

Thank You, Anna.