Just Cinch It!

Here’s another maternity look that I stole last summer. I saw this photo of January Jones (who gave birth 3 weeks before me), and I thought the scarf was a great way to prevent a maxi dress from looking like a muumuu.

I liked the look; Beef said I looked like Princess Jasmine. Whatevs. It’s a good “Just because I’m pregnant, it doesn’t mean I can go to a good old fashioned summer art fair” ensemble.

Kristin Cavallari, You Are My Hero.

I NEVER thought I would say those words. But it’s sorta true.

I remember back about a Willow ago, I saw a photo of Jada Pinkett-Smith in a really tight, white dress while she was pregnant. I don’t know why, but it made such a big impression on young me. I think it was the first woman I ever saw show off the fact that she was huge. I’ve searched for the photo everywhere– curses, pre-internet world.

And today, I saw this photo. This outfit would be enough on a regular person. But on a preggo? It’s just… I dunno. Huh. Leather-ish maternity hot pants. I sorta wish I would have gone for something like this. It’s the Black Swan to Vintage-Jada’s White Swan.

Like it? Get the look for less here.