Holiday 2012 Wishlist

Here’s a few things I think are Christmakkahtacular this holiday season…

Right?!? The chickens are the cutest! No, the turtles… no, the OTTERS…



After a year of wear and tear, Posey’s orange gingham sheets are pretty grungy and barely stretch over the mattress anymore.  This paisley pattern is girly… without being too cupcake-y.  Is it too soon for a nursery makeover?


This is the only item of clothing she’s owned in every single size so far.  I’m devastated that she’s about to be on the biggest ones!


Beef is a Master Puzzler, and it’s a hobby he hopes to pass on to his daughter.  I guess it’s never too early to get started– and these puzzles are just about at her level.

This is what I’ve decided to get my girl for Christmas.  Her #1 hobby right now is slapping coffee tables.  Recently, after witnessing Posey go hog wild slappin’ and squealin’ in her living room, a friend’s six-year-old daughter said to me, “You know what you should get her? Her own table.”  Brilliant idea, kid. (Sold all over– has the best price, but it’s temporarily out of stock)

What’s on your baby’s wishlist this year?



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